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My most important tip for you.

Free yourself from stress!
Your Soul will Thank You.

Muscle weakness by stress

If stress is called as a trigger for muscle weakness, besides, is from Distress, meant so the negative stress.

Stress in the form of physical, spiritual or illness-conditioned load of the physical organism can lead to a vitamin deficiency. From it there results again a muscle weakness. Reason for it is an increased dismantling of the vitamins by the body, because these are used in the stress state increasingly. Quite a special connection between stress, vitamin deficiency and muscle weakness passes, for example, in case of from vitamin C and Carnitin. Vitamin C is same in the synthesis of Carnitin, the chemical compound of two amino acids involved. An insufficient production on account of a vitamin deficiency can lead again to disturbances of the muskulären metabolism, so muscle weaknesses. @dr-gumpert



The muscles grow during the regeneration period and not during training.
A stressful working day or trouble with the partner can cause spiritual stress. Together with the physical stress that is triggered during training, muscle building is inhibited. So avoid all stress situations as best as possible. If everything gets too much for you, just take a break.


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Infinitecodes ᛖ

If you do not program yourself then you will be programmed by others!

God likes it easy!

Who implements simplicity in his lifestyle, feels joy and satisfaction and does not make his happiness dependent on external things.

Category; Lifestyle

Simplify your Life 乇ムらㄚ♥

"Living simply" means something positive: quality of life, art of life, lust for life, simplifies life.

Category; Prana


Pranic Lifestyle is a thousandfold Movement and this wants to get known. Medical books were wrong. Ascension means not leaving our bodies behind, but removing all limitations of the physical body.

Category; Fitness

Intensity of training 乇ムらㄚ♥

Many men always think they need to raise a lot of weight to build muscle. It is actually more important to carry out the exercises cleanly and throughout the whole time.


Your focus is your future!

It's very easy to be different, be more yourself! are you the future or stay the past with your focus you make your decision.

Natural deep sleep can be helpful!

Sufficient sleep for body, mind and soul

Those who exercise a lot also need adequate restful sleep. At least 7-8 hours a day are mandatory. And that: Evenly. Don't even go to bed at 21:00 and the next day at 23:00. The body should find a fixed sleep rhythm. If you feel asleep in the morning, try taking a little nap in the afternoon. True miracles can work for 15 minutes.


"Instant Change Your Life"

Maximum acceleration of the uptake of the subconscious.

The Power of Infinitecodes ᛖ


Your focus is your future!

Well, if you already know something about conscious manifestations, you simply draw your attention to this code by writing paper on sheets, for example. or other centering methods, you feed your subconscious more and more with this information so that your reality must conform to your desired programming.

Once you reach the 100% manifestation of this infinite code, you will immediately experience the effect.

Best of all, survey your intuition regularly on how much% you already have this code manifest.

Everything is information!

Surround yourself with the programs (information) you want to see in your future that you are the creator of your reality.

It is our self-responsibility! it is our life


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